Business signatories have committed to reduce their food waste and increase redistribution of surplus food to human consumption or animal feed. They will also track progress on a range of qualitative measures:

  • Steps taken to design sustainability into product and packaging innovations.
  • Steps taken to work with suppliers to reduce supply chain impacts.
  • Steps taken to extract more value from wastes, by-products and surpluses.
  • Steps taken to help consumers get more value from the food and drink they buy.

Delivery signatories will report quantitatively to WRAP on their food and drink waste, so that we can track progress and help focus action. WRAP will also check that the carbon impact of associated packaging doesn’t increase because of the measures taken to reduce food waste.

We plan to publish the baseline for Courtauld 2025 in 2018, and in 2019 we will report on progress at the first milestone point (end-2018). Further reporting milestone dates are scheduled for 2021 and end-2025.

Other signatories such as trade and sector organisations will report annually to WRAP on actions taken and their estimated impact.