“The UK has a world leading food and farming industry as well as a long-term aim to grow more, buy more and sell more British food. This will boost productivity and enhance business resilience across the food chain.

“As part of this, we want to see UK food businesses boost their productivity by using resources more efficiently and become more sustainable in the process and I am pleased to see that the Courtauld 2025 annual report provides excellent examples of businesses working in collaboration, from farm to fork.

“It is great to see that since its launch, Courtauld 2025 has secured commitment from more than 150 organisations including individual businesses, sector bodies and trade associations, national and local governments, and NGOs (non-governmental organisations).

“I look forward to seeing Courtauld 2025 develop further in the coming years with industry continuing to lead and collaborate by enlisting game-changing partners to accelerate the pace of change.”