Shaping the future

Winning the food waste fight

With the average household still wasting a quarter of a tonne of food each year, our ambitious new citizen food waste prevention strategy is underway.

This new approach focusses on uniting multiple groups and partners, including Courtauld 2025 signatories and others, to ensure that people buy the right amount of food for their needs and store it in the right way to make it last longer.

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Getting date labelling right

Two million tonnes of food is thrown away because it is not used in time. A third of this could be avoided with more accurate date labels.

Working with UK governments and the Food Standards Agency, and in consultation with the sector, we have launched new date labelling and storage guidance. This will help towards achieving the Courtauld 2025 targets and the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 to halve food loss by 2030.

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Our ambitions in water

Water is vital to the food and drink industry, but is becoming an increasingly unpredictable resource. It is a difficult issue for businesses to address on their own.

Working closely with WWF, the Rivers Trust and other experts in this field, a water ambition is being developed for Courtauld 2025 that includes a framework for increasing collective action in areas of particular water stress.

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Reporting on progress

With ambitious Courtauld 2025 projects underway across the UK food and drink sector, plans are well advanced to enable us to report progress against the targets.

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