Helping us save food

A campaign with impact

We introduced ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ in 2007 to motivate people to save money by throwing away less food. Ten years on, the campaign is developing to meet the needs of today’s food waste fight. Collaborations with brands and other campaigns are helping to amplify the message on how we can all value our food more.

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What more can the sector do to make improvements? We can better engage with consumers and explain to them what they can do.

David O'Flynn | Group Head of CSR | Dawn Meats

Citizens are wasting one million tonnes less food per year, which means over 8 million tonnes less food waste than when we started tackling this issue in 2007.

Marcus Gover | CEO | WRAP

Spreading the word

Driving awareness in the national media is key to the success of Love Food Hate Waste. These are some of our headline moments including BBC1’s One Show, ITV’s Save Money, celebrity chefs and vloggers.

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Engaging citizens

Keeping food out of the bin is good for our pockets and the planet combined. Love Food Hate Waste’s campaigns in 2016-17 provided tips, tools and inspiration to help people make their food go further, and last longer.

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Love Food Hate Waste partnered with 20th Century Fox and ‘Ice Age 5’ to help put the freeze on food waste. We also gave citizens a new Lent challenge to give up binning food.

We know that confusing labels can contribute to food waste by suggesting items need to be thrown away sooner than is necessary, which is why this new guidance will make packaging much clearer for people as they do their weekly shop.

Thérèse Coffey | Parliamentary Undersecretary for the Environment | Defra

Smarter labelling

WRAP’s 2015 Retailer Survey showed that products and packs with best practice date labelling and storage guidance, as well as changes such as increased product life or portioning features, can really help households make the most of the food they buy.

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Collaborating to help customers

Courtauld 2025 provides opportunities for retailers and brands to collaborate with Love Food Hate Waste and help their customers waste less food.

Our partnership with Asda’s Community Life Champions saw activity take place in 350 stores across the UK.

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‘Easy Freezy’ activities took place in 350 stores across the UK, with customers getting involved in games to find out facts from Love Food Hate Waste about foods that can be frozen (for example, ‘Did you know that you can freeze eggs?’).