From its inception, Courtauld 2025 has attracted major players in the food and drink sector, as businesses continue to recognise the importance of reducing the resource intensity of the UK’s food and drink.

With a focus on the areas of biggest resource impact, we are collaborating with food and drink organisations across key sectors. 156 organisations from farm to fork are now engaged in Courtauld 2025, including:

  • 46 businesses: retailer signatories represent up to 95% of the UK food retail market; other businesses include some of the world’s leading brands, major companies in hospitality and food service, and top manufacturers in key product categories such as dairy, meat and bakery;
  • 77 sector and trade organisations who share good practice with their members – including the British Retail Consortium, British Hospitality Association and Food & Drink Federation; and
  • 33 local authority signatories representing 40% of the UK population, who play a key role in engaging their residents and small businesses.

Our signatory gallery shows all the organisations who have joined Courtauld 2025 and have committed to deliver change.

Watch our video of food businesses who are taking collaborative action to tackle food waste through Courtauld 2025: