“The British Hospitality Association (BHA) believes that our industry, as the UK’s fourth largest, has a responsibility to grow in a sustainable way. The businesses we represent have the power to implement Courtauld 2025 principles across the catering and food service management sectors, in restaurants and hotels through the 8.3bn meals that we serve a year.

“The BHA is committed to helping hospitality businesses find innovative ways to reduce waste. Reducing the amount of waste produced by the business, implementing sustainable alternatives and finding better ways to manage waste can have significant cost saving opportunities and environmental benefits.

“The hospitality industry has already made great strides towards reducing waste. Earlier this year the final report of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement announced that an impressive £67million was saved by hospitality businesses*, reducing food and waste packaging by 11% and doubling redistribution of surplus food to 760 tonnes. This demonstrates the immense power we have to create change ‘at the fork’.

“Our members are making great changes and we will support them in this endeavour, promoting the principles of the Courtauld 2025 agreement and providing them with toolkits and resources. Through this, and promotion of our members’ good work, we can also encourage more businesses to follow suit and to help create a more sustainable future.” 


*Between 2012 and 2015.